• Electric Immersion Heater Thermostats

    Thermostats may be mounted inside a terminal enclosure or remote mounted (separate from the heater assembly). If using a remote mounted thermostat, be sure to order sufficient capillary tube length to permit installation.

    Thermostats regulate temperature in non-critical applications. They sense temperature, within a preset range and cycle heaters on and off to maintain the set point.

  • Screw Plug Connectors

    Screw Plug connectors (stuffing boxes) are used to make a liquid-tight connection where the bulb goes through a tank wall. If the wall is thick enough, it may be drilled and tapped to receive the stuffing box thread. Otherwise, a coupling must be provided.

  • Wells

    Wells are used to protect the bulb from corrosion or for mechanical support. Each well is furnished with a brass stuffing box to hold the capillary in place after installation. To order, specify catalog number and thermostat type.

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