• 918 Series

    918 Series are designed to supply efficient radiant heat. They provide greater comfort at lower temperature settings and can be set up for individual or zone control to reduce energy costs.

  • AS Series Radiant Ceiling Panels

    AS Series radiant panels are ideal for offsetting heat loss through exterior glass on the perimeter of a building. They help to control the problem of condensation typically found with these large exterior glass walls. Radiant panels provide improved comfort by maintaining an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

  • SST Thin

    SST Thin includes all of the features and benefits of the STS, in a new, slimmer, modern design.  Packed with more heat per square inch, the SST Thin is perfect for all of your heating needs.

  • STS

    Whether you have a warehouse, dock, or workshop to keep heated, STS is the smart choice. Let the quartz era end and a revolution begin with a zero-maintenance heater. You’ll never worry about bulbs to replace or reflectors to clean.

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