Series HX-770 Flange Heaters

Series HX-770 – 4-7/8″ flange heaters, are three-element modules specifically designed for large steam or hot water boilers. They offer a simple, practical solution to two problems inherent in all electric boiler designs: element stocking and field replacement.

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Series HX-770 heaters offer an attractive alternative to large pipe flange immersion heaters, which contain a multitude of elements and are therefore more difficult and more expensive to replace in the field. By using Series HX-770 heaters, element replacement is simplified; should an element burn out, it is only necessary to remove one small flange. The rest of the elements can remain in service. (Even when the elements are mounted into a pipe flange immersion heater with compression fittings, it is usually impractical to replace an element after the heater has been in service for some time, as the entire flange must be removed and elements tend to become encrusted with water deposits.)

Series HX-770 heaters are installed through a 2-3/8″ diameter opening in a blind flange or a flat boiler head having a minimum thickness of 1-1/4″. Eight 1/2″ bolts hold the flange in place. Horizontally mounted elements must be supported at three-foot intervals.

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