Rectangular Flange Heaters

Large Diameter Elements provide extra electrical insulation for superior dielectric strength. Because elements are .475″ diameter, they are suitable for line voltages up to 600 volts. In addition, element insulation is compacted to insure uniform heat transfer from coil to sheath and all bends are repressed to insure insulation integrity in this critical area.

Flanges are fabricated from 3/16″ minimum plate. Copper sheathed elements are silver soldered into brass flanges. Steel, Incoloy and stainless steel sheathed elements are welded into flanges of like materials.

Element Spacers, made from 304 stainless steel, maintain a uniform distance between elements, thus preventing hot spots where elements may otherwise touch.

Terminals are 10-32 studs, spot welded to the element cold pin and insulated from the sheath with mica or silicone rubber. Elements are interconnected at the factory with copper or stainless steel bus bars. Cupped washers are furnished for field connections on heaters drawing less than 40 amps. Pressure connectors are furnished for larger heaters.

Moisture-Resistant Epoxy Seals are standard on copper sheathed elements. When the maximum fluid temperature will not exceed 250°F., epoxy seals can be furnished on steel, Incoloy and stainless heaters at no extra charge.

Gaskets are furnished with each heater. A 1/16″ pressed fiber gasket is standard.

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Special Features

Additional Elements
Up to twelve elements can be furnished in a single flange for applications where concentrated heat is required.

Special Ratings
Non-standard KW ratings and special watt densities, required for certain fluids, are available. Higher KW ratings, using longer elements, are also available.

Special Sheath Materials
Monel, Inconel 600 and Type 316 stainless steel are available for use with fluids that may corrode standard sheath materials. Compatible flange materials can also be furnished.

Alternate Flange Design
Non-standard flange sizes and bolt hole locations are available to match existing installations in the field.

Companion Flanges
A companion flange, made from the same material as the heater flange, is available with drilled and tapped openings matching the heater mounting holes. The companion flange is welded or brazed to the vessel, and the gasket installed between the heater flange and the companion flange.

Longer Element Cold Ends
Standard cold ends are 2-1/2″ for copper, stainless and steel; 5-1/2″ for Incoloy.

CSA Approval
CSA labeled units are available with construction modifications.

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Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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