Quick Ship Contactor Control Panel

The HEATREX Quick Ship Contactor Temperature Control panel is a pre-engineered solution for resistive load applications. It is simple to specify, provides quick shipment, and compact packaging. The control panel is factory assembled and tested to simplify installation and operation.

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Standard Features

NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure

16” H x 14” W x 8” D enclosure for 1 circuit (48A max)

20” H x 16” W x 8” D enclosure for 2 circuits (48-96A)

Single or Three phase
50 Amp contactor for resistive loads (per circuit)

120 VAC control transformer

UL Listed
(Although designed and tested for use in outdoor locations, UL rating is Type 1 only)

Wiring diagram permanently affixed to the inside of the cover

Terminals for customer supplied remote interlock

Optional Features

Digital indicating thermostat (ºF only) 32-999ºF

1/16th DIN Digital PID process controller with RS485 communications (ºF or ºC) 0-1600ºF range

Disconnect switch
(NEC code requires disconnecting means within sight of a heater)

Power fuses
(Power fusing is required by NEC for panels greater than 48 amps)

Enclosure heater
(Heater is recommended for outdoor panels in cold environments with ambient below 32ºF)

Heater “ON” pilot light

Digital indicating limit control with manual reset(ºF only) 32-999º F range

1/16th DIN Digital indicating limit control with manual reset (ºF or ºC) 0-1600º F range

Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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