938 Series Fan-Forced Toe-Space Heater

The 938 Series heater is designed for installation in places where other heaters do not fit. These heaters can be installed into the toe space or kick space below a cabinet, in the soffit above a cabinet or into risers of a stairway.

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Standard Features

Multiple Wattage
Quick disconnect lead wires allow output conversion from 1000 to 500 Watts.

Over-temperature Protection
Automatic and manual reset thermal cutout is provided for over-temperature protection. More convenient than thermal fuses, which require field replacement when over-temperature conditions occur.

Two-piece Construction
Unit is designed for easy installation. The fan, motor and controls are factory assembled into a sheet metal box with a removable front grille.

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements
Steel finned tubular elements provide durability.

Outlet Grille
Heavy 20-gauge steel grille has an epoxy-polyester powder paint finish. Standard grille colors include black, white or almond.

Built-in Controls
Heater comes complete with a bi-metal automatic reset thermal cutout and warning light to indicate when the heater is running excessively hot.

Fan Motor
Factory-lubricated fan motor operates at 44.5 dBA with 80 CFM.

Soffit Adapter
Included with the heater.

Installation Requirements
Do not install heater on or above vinyl flooring.


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