930 Series Register Wall Heater

The 930 Series register wall heater is ideal for use as a primary heat source in small areas or as supplemental heat in more spacious areas. Multiple heaters can be used to effectively heat large or odd-shaped rooms.

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Standard Features

Installation Options
Units are designed for recessed mounting into shallow 2-inch by 3-inch stud walls or surface mounting with the use of an optional box.

Finned tubular elements provide electrical isolation from accidental contact.

Temperature Control
An optional thermostat can be field installed in the heater or a remote thermostat can be used.

All models listed are single-phase.

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements
Steel finned tubular elements.

Outlet Grille
The louvered front grille is made from 20-gauge steel. The grille is finished with epoxy-polyester powder paint in white or almond.

Built-in Controls
Automatic reset thermal cutout.

Fan Motor
Quiet, factory lubricated fan operates at 38 dBA at 40 CFM for models up to 1000 W and 41.3 dBA at 80 CFM for all models rated above 1000 W.

Installation Requirements
The air outlet should be installed a minimum of ten inches above vinyl floors.



Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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