928 Series Vertical Unit Heater

The 928 Series unit heater is designed to heat buildings with high ceilings. It may also be used to re-circulate warm air that builds up near ceilings. 928 Series heaters can be used as primary, supplemental or dual heating systems in commercial or industrial buildings.

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Standard Features

Vertical Airflow
Suitable for applications in high bay industrial buildings where columns, machinery or warehouse stock would obstruct horizontal air movement.

Air Distribution Patterns
These optional air diffusers produce different air distribution patterns to accommodate various applications.

Only available with almond finish.

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements
Steel finned tubular elements are grounded for extra safety.

Cabinet is constructed of 18-gauge galvanized steel with an almond epoxy-polyester powder paint finish.

Fan Motor
Quiet, totally enclosed motor is thermally protected.

Built-in Controls
Contactor, fan override, terminal block for remote fan control and linear automatic reset thermal cutout.

Installation Requirements
Do not install heater closer than 24 inches from walls and ceiling. Mount heaters out of reach, at least eight feet from the floor.


Aircraft Hangars
High Bay Areas
Power Generating Stations
Shipping and Receiving Areas

Closed Tank Heating

Watt Density

Percentage of Wattage

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