ESI Series flanged immersion heater

Heatrex launches its newly redesigned flanged immersion heater, the ESI series. The ESI series flanged immersion heater offers the simplest installation available with a unique enclosure design.

The unique enclosure is available for both general purpose and weatherproof applications.  The general purpose enclosure is completely removable and rotatable allowing a convenient power connection while maintaining the proper heater orientation.

Like the general purpose enclosure the weatherproof enclosure has multiple flat surfaces.  The flat surfaces provide a convenient space for the addition of connection hubs in the field.  Additionally, the weather proof enclosure is constructed of stainless steel providing a corrosion resistant surface.

In addition to the enclosure, the ESI series flange heater has a newly optimized element layout pattern allowing for more elements within the previous bundle diameter.  With the improved layout, more wattage can be applied while not increasing the overall length of the heater.

Finally and most important, most ESI series flange heaters are eligible for our FastTrack shipping program.  Eligible ESI series flange heaters can be manufactured in two weeks when the FastTrack option is selected.

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