ULTRA-SAFE™ Explosion-Proof Heaters

Heatrex Explosion-proof ULTRA-SAFE™ and EP2 duct heaters are Factory Mutual (FM) and cCSAus Approved. The ULTRA-SAFE™ duct heater features the industry’s lowest ignition temperature code rating, T3C, 320°F (160°C). Since there is a high possibility of explosions in areas such as waste water treatment plants , pumping stations and oil and gas sites; heating must consist of explosion-proof heaters.

Use of Electric Heaters in Hazardous Areas Electric heating equipment can be economically designed and safely used in hazardous areas if the following special requirements are kept in mind.

  1. The surface temperature of the electric heating equipment cannot exceed the ignition temperature of the hazardous atmosphere. To insure that the proper heater has been selected, it is essential that the correct NEC Ignition Temperature Code be If the Temperature Code selected is too high, the electric heating system may operate above the ignition point of the application, creating a potentially hazardous condition.
  2. All arc and spark producing control devices must be isolated in a suitable enclosure rated for the hazardous atmosphere.
  3. All electrical supply connections must be made according to the latest NEC and local code requirements for hazardous locations. This includes the requirement that conduit entering the enclosures must be provided with seals at the enclosure.

Electric Duct Heat

In these hazardous environments, electric explosion-proof agency approved duct heaters can be effective safe means to provide freeze protection for equipment and comfort heating.

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