Electric Tank Heaters

Electric Tank Heaters are necessary for accurate control of liquid and gas temperatures in a variety of uses, including storage tanks, railroad tanks, and smaller tanks and basins. Heatrex has been designing and manufacturing heating systems since 1929 for a wide assortment of industrial, marine and commercial uses. We have a wide variety of electric heaters that can be adapted to your needs, from heating small basins to railroad tank cars.

Electric tank heaters produce a clean and efficient heat directly to the liquid using immersion techniques. These types of heaters provide the fastest and overall most efficient means of heating any liquid. The material which houses the heating element can be specifically designed based on the liquid in which it will be immersed. Stainless steel, nickel, graphite and titanium are just a few of the sheathing materials that can be employed depending on the corrosiveness of the liquid or sanitary requirements of the process.

Our heaters can be used to change and/or maintain liquid or gas temperatures from -300’F to 1000’F. Our storage tank heating elements are available in adapter box or flange designs and can be easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal tanks. Our railroad tank car heaters are highly specialized units which can be used to restore heat lost in transit, or liquefy materials for easy draining. Our design resists shock and vibration, features crucial to low maintenance operation and we offer tank car or trackside control elements.

In addition, there are three different types of electric tank immersion heaters that Heatrex can design to your specific needs. Over-the-side heaters are the most versatile, easy to use and cost-effective tank heaters. Circulation heaters use a pump to circulate the liquid through a closed loop system, similar to a radiator used to heat a home. Finally, screw plug heaters are installed directly into the tank or pipe and are typically used in smaller applications. We will work with you to select and design the right tank heater for your job and application.

We have been building state-of-the-art electric heating systems for over 80 years, and our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction should make us your first call for electric tank heaters. Contact us today at 314-644-4300 or visit us at www.heatrex.com.


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