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Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters

Control Panels

Industrial Control Panels 870 Series Industrial Control Panels 870 Series Spanish
Adjustable Circuit Board Supplement Cooling Tower Control Panel Spare Parts List
Cooling Tower Heater Control Panels  

Duct Heaters

HVAC Electric 220-series Duct Heaters CSA Listed Duct Heaters (English & French) 
Duct Heaters w/NEMA 3R Terminal Boxes(English & French)  Duct Heaters w/NEMA 3R Terminal Boxes(French)
Duct Heaters with NEMA 3R Terminal Boxes  Supplemental Airflow Switch Instructions
Supplemental Slip-and-Drive Construction  UL Listed Duct Heaters 
Explosion-proof Duct Heater 227-series  EP2 Explosion-proof Duct Heaters   
Field Replacement of Resistance Open Coil Elements   

Unit & Comfort Heaters

Explosion-proof Unit Heaters

233 Series Explosion-proof Unit Heater 236 Series Explosion-proof Unit Heater
254 Series Convector 

Fan-Forced Heaters

240 Series Unit Heater 234 Series Corrosion-Resistant Unit Heater
240 Series Unit Heater Diffuser Kit 238 Series Industrial Unit Heater
240 Series Unit Heater Pilot Light Kit 924 Series Economical Unit Heater
240 Series Unit Heater Built-On Thermostat Accessory Kit 926 Series Unit Heater
240 Series Unit Heater Fan Switch 928 Series Vertical Unit Heater
240 Series Wall Ceiling Mounting Kit
240 Series Unit Heater Disconnect Switch

Wall, Ceiling and Floor Heaters

922 Series Cabinet Unit Heater 934 Series Wall Heater
930 Series Register Wall Heater 936 Series Ceiling Heater
931 Series Commercial Ceiling Heater 937 Series Ceiling Heater Recessed
932 Series Commercial Wall& Heater 939 Series Floor Insert Heater
933 Series Architectural Wall Heater 940 Series Hybrid Convection & Forced-Air Wall Heater
  942 Series Wall Convector

Baseboard and Convector Heaters

903 SeriesCommercial Baseboard Heater 909 Series Architectural Convector
903 Series Commercial Baseboard Heater Thermostat Kit 911 Series Architectural Cabinet Convector
904/906 Series Architctural Sill-Height Convector 912 Series Architectural Cabinet Convector
905/907 Series Industrial Sill-Height Convector 914 Series Mini Draft Barrier Heater
908 Series Architectural Convector 916 Series High Watt Density Draft Barrier

Radiant Panels

AS Series Radiant Heater Comfort Cove Radiant Heater
Quartzone Heater   

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Explosion-proof Heaters

Explosion-proof Duct Heater 227-series EP2 Explosion-proof Duct Heaters
Explosion Proof Convector Explosion Proof Heater Controls
Explosion Proof Space Heating Thermostat HVAC Electric 220-series Duct Heaters
Unit Heater For Hazardous Areas 233 Series Unit Heater For Hazardous Areas 236 Series

Immersion Heaters

Flange Mounted and Pipe Plug Immersion Heaters Flange Mounted Heaters Explosion Proof
Over The Side Heaters Pipe Plug Heaters For Hazardous Areas
Pipe Insert heaters 797 798 Series Storage Tank Heaters 781 Series

Impedance Heating

Impedance Heating 881 Series  

Process Duct Heaters

Process Duct Heaters   

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Submittal Cover Page

HEATREX Submittal Cover Page PDF(348KB)

Explosion-proof Heaters

254 Series Convector  PDF (582KB) 233 Series Explosion-Proof Unit Heater  PDF (1.61MB)
236 Series Unit Heater PDF (1.10MB)  

Forced Air Heaters

234 Series Unit Heater PDF (604KB) 238 Series Industrial Unit Heater  PDF (452KB)
240 Series Commercial Unit Heater  PDF (685KB) 926 Series Industrial Unit Heater  PDF ( 579KB)
924 Series Economical Unit Heater  PDF (804KB) 928 Series Vertical Unit Heater  PDF (1.91MB)

Wall, Ceiling and Floor Heaters

933 Series Architectural Wall Heater  PDF (3.57MB) 932 Series Commercial Wall Heater  PDF (733KB)
935 Series Wall Heater  PDF (347KB) 940 Series Hybrid Convection & Forced-Air Wall Heater  PDF (742KB)
934 Series Economical Wall Heater  PDF (999KB) 930 Series Register Wall Heater  PDF (963KB)
922 Series Cabinet Unit Heater  PDF (841KB) 936 Series Commercial Ceiling Heater  PDF (2.35MB)
937 Series Commercial Ceiling Heater  PDF (528KB) 931 Series Commercial Ceiling Heater  PDF (841KB)
938 Series Toe Space Heater  PDF (290KB) 939 Series Floor Insert Heater  PDF (530KB)

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Baseboard/Convection Heaters

912 Series Architectural Convector  PDF (493KB) 911 Series Architectural Sloped Top Convector  PDF (503KB)
909 Series Architectural Baseboard Heaters  PDF (416KB) 908 Series Architectural Sloped Top Baseboard Heaters PDF (649KB)
906 Series Architectural Sill-Height Convector Heater  PDF (469KB) 904 Series Architectrual Sloped Top Sill-Height Convector Heater  PDF (661KB)
907 Series Industrial Sill-Height Convector  PDF (418KB) 905 Series Industrial Sill-Height Sloped Top Convector  PDF (669KB)
903 Series Commercial Baseboard Heater  PDF (435KB)

Draft Barrier Heaters

916 Series High Watt Density Draft Barrier Heater  PDF (456KB) 914 Series Mini Draft Barrier Heater  PDF (449KB)

Radiant Panels

Radiant Ceiling Panels AS Series PDF (471KB)  

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Data Forms

Explosion-Proof Duct Heaters - How To Order PDF (2.45MB) Impedance Pipeline Heating PDF (596KB)
Circulation Heaters PDF (170KB) Heatrex Process Air Heaters PDF (396KB)
Storage Tank Heaters PDF (602KB)

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